Best Time to Visit Andaman

The charm of the turquoise clear water in Andamans is mesmerizing. Round the year, it attracts tourists from different corners of the world. But, did you know what makes Andamans a land of wonders? The place offers opportunities galore to make your holidays memorable, be it with your family or special someone.

However, before you plan a trip to the land of gorgeous coral reefs you need to know the best time to visit Andaman. And, it totally depends on your purpose of visiting.

Here’s a look at the best seasons for visiting the island.

The journey, not the arrival, matters. T.S. Eliot

Blog - Best Time to visit Andamans
Blog - Best Time to visit Andamans

Planning your Honeymoon?

Choose Winters (December to February)

The pleasant weather makes everything look oh-so-lovely and romantic. We all know that seasons have an impact on the way we feel and a pleasant atmosphere certainly makes everything look romantic.

Ideal Duration : A week or two.

Temperature : 22°C

Advantages : It’s a perfect time to enjoy watersports like Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, (of course if you two are adventure freaks). Also, you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets in Havelock Island, spend quality time on the pristine beaches of Neil island, opt for wild life exploration in Cuthbert Bay sanctuary or may be take a sojourn to the historical site of Port Blair.

Disadvantages : Andamans attracts most of its crowd during the winters. In fact, October to May is the peak season to visit the place. It means Andamans will be little too crowded. May be the beach, where you two are romancing is not empty.

Remote Working from Andamans

That Can Any Season (No Question Asked)

Seems like a dream. Isn’t it? Yeah, but Andaman offers an excellent atmosphere to work in peace and enjoy the leisure. No doubt, it’s the perfect remote work destination for many. You can actually book a hotel or rent an apartment to enjoy your stay while working.

Ideal Duration : Not more than a week (Obviously with a poor internet connection)

Temperature : Mostly temperate round the year

Advantages : Practically each and everything is an advantage. There’s no best time to visit Andamans if you are choosing the place for remote working. You can opt for wildlife safari in the weekends, enjoy the beach stays in beautiful hotels of Havelock and Neil islands, go for water sports and birdwatching.

Disadvantages : Well, the internet connection sometimes is dodgy, which may interfere in your work.

Blog - Best Time to visit Andamans

A Solo Trip in Andamans

It Must Be Summer (April to June)

The pristine beaches of Andamans wear the glory in the summertime. Trust me, you are going to love everything about these beaches- the ambiance, the crowd and the natural splendor that sets the stage for real fun. In the summers, Andamans exactly what you see in the instagram reels. It’s exarly that fresh. Clear turquoise sea, anchored boats on the sandy shores, hammocks facing Bay of Bengal, the limitless ocean- all of it puts on a visual treat. Whether you are an adventure freak or a soul searching for solitude, Andamans serve you a full-course platter.

Ideal Duration : A week or two.

Temperature : 24°C – 37°C (you won’t feel hot, since the island has tropical weather)

Advantages : Andamans brings a world of possibilities when it comes to solo trips. From secluded leisure in your cosy nest to adventure sports, the place offers options galore. Enjoy Snorkellig, Scuba Diving, Walking Underwaters, Banana Boat Rides, Jet Skiing, if ocean makes your adrenaline rush fast. If you are in love with treks, go to Madhuban and you will be stunned by the charm of the Mount Harriet. You can also visit the Barren islands, explore wildlife and more at Andamans during solo trips. Also, you can enjoy a staycation all alone in the beachside hotels. And yes, don’t forget to carry light cloths and flip-flops.

Disadvantages : By June, Monsoon already sets in. May be the rainy season becomes a concern. Even the ferry rides to Port Blair becomes a bit irregular in the monsoon. Again, the trekking trails become slippery, which might cause accidents. Basically, high tidal waves, incessant rains and strong winds during the monsoon creates lot of problems often.

We have spotted some of the best places where you can head to for snorkeling in Andaman. Go through them and choose your destination for snorkeling. May

A Family Trip in Your Mind?

Choose Autumn-Winter (October to May)

No doubt, Andamans is great for family vacations. But, if you are travelling with kids and elders, make all the arrangements well in advance. From hotels to cabs, everything should be prebooked so that you can avoid last minute hassles. Carry enough cash as well as snacks for quick munching on the way.

Ideal Duration : A week.

Temperature : 24°C – 37°C

Advantages : It’s a coastal paradise and a great destination for family vacays. The young members of your family can enjoy watersports, while the elder ones can have a great time visiting, wildlife sanctuary, Central Jail in Port Blair, island hopping and more. You can also indulge in having good food in the local restaurants.

Disadvantages : There’s no best time to visit Andamansif it’s a family trip. But too much crowd during the peak seasons (October to May) might be a problem for booking proper accommodation.

The Takeaway

There’s no dearth of options when it comes to Andaman tours. All you need is to plan ahead so that you can make the most of your trip. The best time to visit Andamans, thus totally depends on the purpose of your trip.




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