Ross Island Trip in Andaman

Ross Island is a wonder for any visitor. it is spread over an area of 70-acre land in the mid ocean. This fantastic view of the Ross Island can be visible from port Blair which is barely 5 km away. This little island is liberated from occupants and is commonly known and saved for its notable British design. It is an immensely popular place among tourists of Andaman’s. Ross Island is not popular for any fun sport like the other islands but for its cute virgin ocean side.

History of Ross Island

How to reach to Ross Island

The most effective way to get to Ross Island is by ferry. In Port Blair, you need to get the ferry from the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. It is only a 15 minutes ride on the water up to the island. You will pay roughly Rs 100 for a full circle with the ship, is you wish to go all alone. There are likewise visiting packages, which cost Rs 360 for every individual, except you won’t just visit Ross Island, as it will cover also the Viper and North Bay islands

Places to visit - Ross Island

The Old Ruins

Probably the best thing about visiting the Ross Island is the history related with it. The island has an energetic assortment of probably the most established British and Japanese designs in India that shows the extravagant existence of Britishers after they occupied Andaman.

All activities in the isles, including the development of Cellular Jail was supervised from this island, which additionally filled in as the home of the old Chief Commissioner. Old Church at Ross Isla1nd, Andaman.

Ross Island used to be the central command of the group of islands, until a bunch of occasions moved it to Port Blair, an area that is 2 km toward the west. On the 10th of March 1858, Dr. James Pattison Walker showed up in Port Blair with a steam frigate, taking Ross Island under British occupation. Since that moment, the island became the center of British power.

The British remained here over 80 years, time wherein they have based on the island all that they required for a way of life that was comparable with what they had back home. They had a bakery, church, stores, water treatment plant, tennis court, clinic, graveyard, and many more. Tragically, not many of them actually stand today, being the couple of witnesses that can recount the narrative of the island. The British had the island until 1942, when it was taken by the Japanese and held under their occupation until 1945. But, in 1941, the island went through a tremendous earthquake. It was only nine months since the Japanese asserted the island. The occasion frightened a many individuals, who escaped the island, moving to more secure grounds. It wasn’t long until the island became deserted. In 1945, the allies claimed the island back, although of the fact that they deserted it too after a brief time. For this reason Ross Island seems to be a wild timberland from the distance, just drawing nearer uncovering the way that it had a seriously fretful history. Likewise, the name of the island was given after Sir Daniel Ross, a known marine overcomer of the days.

The ruins include



Government House

Chief Commissioner’s residence

Long strips of luxury gardens

Swimming pool

Grand ballrooms

Tennis court

Water treatment plants


Printing press and much more…

Enjoying these leftovers of our extraordinary past takes us to the reformatory settlement age and helps us to remember our battle for freedom.

All activities in the isles, including the development of Cellular Jail was supervised from this island, which additionally filled in as the home of the old Chief Commissioner. Old Church at Ross Isla1nd, Andaman.

The light and sound show

The light and sound show at Ross takes us to the past and exhibits the historical backdrop of how everything was arranged and built in the islands. The total show fundamentally centers on the reformatory settlement period which shows how Britishers came to Andaman and what they principally centered on building and setting the organization to run the isles. On the off chance that you might want to add a spot of history to your excursion, we suggest going to the show.

The sanctuary

The sanctuary is situated at the center of the island and is loaded up with deer and peacocks, safeguarded under the Andaman organization. These animals are taken care of on a daily basis by a caretaker appointed by the government and therefore the population of deer and peacocks in the islands is the highest at Ross.

All creatures live inside a reserved region loaded up with enormous tropical trees including coconuts and palms and are permitted to come out of the reserve to play around with people.

Feeding or harming animals in any way is strictly prohibited here.

Overall, an incredible spot to be on if you like creatures and would love to have a nearby experience with them.

The man-caves

Uniquely interwoven man-caves were built all around Ross to help the important British officers escape during an attack. Now when the caves have run out of their purpose, they are abandoned and act as a showcase of skills, effort and hardships faced by Indian workers to make them. The caverns follow a few joint ways that connect important workplaces and developments all through the island and present an exceptionally secretive energy to the wayfarer who tries them out.

Prior to visiting them, it’s always prescribed to have a guide with you to guarantee wellbeing and quick return so no entanglements show up later on.

The Pond

The pond is exactly what it’s called. It’s a large pond where the water accumulates and stays for long periods, which has made it turn green in color. There are a couple of little ruins close to the lake which was utilized by the British in the past.           

The place is surrounded by tall trees from all sides and has a cozy little place to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. You can easily reach here by following the signs in less than 15 minutes of walking.

Enjoy a calming lunch

Several huts and small sheds are built throughout this Island where one can take a break from the tour and catch a breath surrounded by the shade of tall trees and shrubs. The island is likewise home to a wide assortment of bird species who chirp and play around the guest and present a brilliant ambience. What better place could you find to relax and have lunch?

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ross Island is from October to March. This is because the weather in Andamans during these months is clean and there is no chance for sudden rainfalls which lets you do sightsee without any hurdles.

Best time to visit

There is a Rs. 30 entry pass to visit Ross Island for grown-ups and Rs. 25 for youngsters. You could likewise need to pay for boat and light and sound show, which could add to your visit cost.

Where to Eat

There is a small cafeteria and restaurant at Ross Island which serves both tourists and defence personnel. The costs are a bit high when contrasted with Port Blair as the merchandise are shipped there by a boat. The restaurant serves veg and non-veg food with decent menu, but don’t expect a lot of dishes. There are a ton of little sellers who offer new coconut water close to the pier, so you can presumably get a few refreshments on the island and you can have a few snacks when you arrive at the Water Sports Complex on your trip back. There is an RO water purifier near the jetty, in case you ever need to refill your water bottle.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Ross Island

You can take a personal guide with you to explore the Ross islands. It is encouraged to pre-book a guide in your Andaman get-away package or book one at port Blair itself.

Be prepared to walk as that is the only way to explore the island. It can take up to 2 hours to explore the island.

Do not litter the island.

Because it is a remote and isolated island, it is recommended to carry all the essential things you need in a backpack, as you won’t find any stores to buy supplies in the area.

If you get hungry, there is a canteen on the island that served the navy, where you can get lunch and various snacks, at accessible prices;

Never visit the island without your ID, because you will be registered since it is an island operated by the navy.

It is forbidden to have alcohol on Ross Island, so don’t bring any along.

Do pack some sun screen with you, because even if there are plenty of trees, it can get quite sunny and hot

It is a perfect place to serve picnic, so if you want to enjoy one at the shade of the tall trees, do make sure to bring with you what you need.

It is recommended to have a map of the island once you arrive there, because the visiting time is limited and there are so many things to see there.

Also, having a map will help you find your way back in case you get lost, so do have one with you

Do not visit the island without a watch on your hand, because you can be mesmerized by the beauty of the island and easily miss your ferry back.

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