Glass Bottom boat ride in Andaman

Andaman Islands offer a picture perfect view of the sun kissed beaches, amazing sea creatures and beautiful sunsets. One of the best ways to explore the aquatic beauty around is to take a glass boat ride in Andaman. 

There are multiple options to choose from on what to do when you are in Andaman’s, from deep sea diving at Havelock Island to captivating sunrises and sunsets to indulging in amazingly tasty local cuisine at Port Blair. However, nothing beats the experience of witnessing the marine life through Glass boat ride in Andaman.

This is a must do activity for anyone traveling to Andaman and will definitely be a memory to cherish for an entire lifetime. It’s very rare to get this close to a dolphin or a fish while riding a boat and sitting in the company of your loved ones.

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Blog - Glass Bottom boat ride in Andaman
Blog - Glass Bottom boat ride in Andaman

What is Glass Boat Ride?

Glass Boats are beautiful small boats / ferries adorned with transparent bottom allowing the occupants to experience the marine life in their own natural habitat.

The boats can accommodate 4 to 6 people and as it sails on the pristine clear water of the Andaman Sea, lets you have a closer view of the beautiful and mesmerizing sea creatures and scenic corals.

You can get onto these boats from different places within Andaman.  The ride can be between 15 minutes to an hour and the charges depend upon the length of the ride.  The longer the ride, the more expensive it will be.

However, the thrill of riding a boat, sailing on crystal clear water while you witness the wild sea life inside is simply sublime, worth every minute of it.

Best Time for Glass Bottom Boat ride in Andaman

The best time to go for this water activity on the island is between November and April. The weather is quite pleasant during this time and you can enjoy this experience even more.

Types of Glass-Bottom Boats

There are three types of Glass Bottom Boats and they are:

The Basic Glass-bottom boat

This is a basic boat that has a glass that is fitted at the centre of the boat that gives you a clear view of the beautiful corals and marine species. You can avail of this ride at all the islands that are Jolly Buoy at Port Blair, Elephant Beach in Havelock and Bharatpur Beach at Neil. It is safe for kids and elders alike.

The Coral Safari Semi-Submarine Ride

Coral Safari is a semi-submarine that will take you into the deep waters to give you the most splendid view of the underwater world. The semi-submarine is a fully air-conditioned cabin and can accommodate a hundred visitors at once. It has huge glass windows that are inclined at 45 degrees to give you the best view of the vibrant corals and rich aquatic lives. It is amazing and is well suited for both adults and children. This ride can be availed at North Bay Island only and it is once in a lifetime experience so hop on to it and have a great time

Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat Ride

The Dolphin glass boat is a high-speed glass bottom boat that is shaped like a dolphin. This ride gives you an exciting experience through the Andaman Sea. Board on this boat and enjoy the exotic, colourful and beautiful corals and rich marine lives of the island. The boat has a huge glass bottom at the centre of the boat where you can sit around it and enjoy the beauty of the deep waters of Andamans. This boat ride is available at North Bay Island only and is suitable for both kids and elders

Blog - Glass Bottom boat ride in Andaman

Why take a Glass boat ride in Andaman?

The desire to satisfy the experience of watching enchanted exquisiteness of the underwater empire of Andaman without having to wet your body or take a dip inside the sea, is possible with this glass boat ride. 

You not only get to have a close encounter with corals and fishes swimming around your face but also get to see dolphins, fire goby and freckled frogfish from a very close distance.

The ride is also an excellent option for children and elderly to experience the aquatic diversity without any risk.  The central transparent portion of the boat allows everyone to have an uninhibited view of the sea underneath.

People with families or on special trips can enjoy the adventure without any risk while satisfying the thrill of an adrenaline rush and encounter exotic aquatic species.  A must do activity when you are in the Andaman and wish to experience its genuine beauty

Popular Places for Glass Bottom Boat ride in Andaman

There are umpteen number of places within Andaman offering this ride.  Some of the popular places to enjoy your Glass boat ride in Andaman include

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Havelock Islands

Falls in Ritchie’s archipelago and has one of the most famous Elephant beaches along with rich accumulation of coral reefs and marine life. Radhanagar beach in Havelock Island is known for its ethereal sunset while the interiors of the island are dotted with thick tress housing various birds chief among them being white headed mynas and woodpeckers.

The Havelock Island is popular for glass boat rides, which can be booked online too

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Port Blair

Viper Island just 4 kilometres from Port Blair still has ruins of the first jail, which came up in Andaman’s even before the now famous Cellular Jail.

The place is now used to ferry people on boats to give them a closer view of the sea creatures living off the seawaters of Bay of Bengal. This place is also the capital city and here too tourists can enjoy the famous Andaman glass boat ride.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Neil Island

It lies close to Havelock islands and just like other places in Andaman has beautiful beaches to explore and enjoy.  Bharatpur beach in Neil Island has a rich marine life with colourful fishes & coral reef at one end of the beach.

This is another place offering Glass boat rides to the tourists.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Ross Island

This falls in south Andaman administrative council and is only 3 kilometres from Port Blair.  In addition to the glass boat rides, you can also enjoy the historical ruins of the place, which are a big tourist attraction here.

These ruins were the war installations of Japanese POW camp.  The Presbyterian church is also a popular spot to visit.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride in North Bay

One of the best places to admire the marine life with an abundance of coral reefs, splendid white sand beaches and awesome natural beauty.  The place is also referred to as coral islands because of the huge presence of coral reefs here, which makes it an ideal place to visit and spend time in.

The best time to visit it is from September to May, however the summers too are cooler than most of the other parts of India.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride Andaman Price

The charges for a glass-bottom boat ride start from Rs. 600 per person. Light on the pocket, this activity gives complete worth to your money

Safety Precautions of Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman

Although, the ride is safe it is important to follow the directions of your guide.  They are the ones who know everything about the boat and the safety processes to be followed in case of an emergency.  Some of the basic dos and don’ts of glass bottom boat ride in Andaman that you can follow are:

  • Carry a water bottle. You may not have access to water during the ride and it’s important to remain hydrated.
  • Always listen to the details provided by the guide or the operator while you are in the midst of the ride.
  • Do not step on the glass portion of the boat.
  • Do not move unnecessarily inside the boat.
  • Do not put your hands or legs out of the boat, as it can be dangerous.

These are some of the basic precautions one can follow while relishing the glass boat ride. Although, the guide will explain everything before you step inside, it’s important to follow their instructions even while you are in the midst of the boat ride to have an experience to remember. 

So, the next time, you think of visiting Andaman, remember to enjoy the quintessential Andaman glass boat ride and experience the thrill of being in close contact with our exotic friends from the sea.




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