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You might think that swimming is mandatory to do Scuba Diving. However, no swimming skills are required for Scuba Diving that we conduct for beginners in Andaman. The best way to experience scuba diving is under expert supervision. This is not a training course but is meant to give you a taste of diving in the azure waters of the Andaman Islands. Come dive into this non-swimming diving experience at Andaman.

Non-Swimmer Scuba Trip Details:

  • You report to Dive Centre to begin your diving experience.
  • You get instructions on what to do and what’s in store during the day.
  • Then you will be practicing shallow water skills and becoming familiar with them so that you can go for a dive. A professional diver will be in the water with you throughout, looking after your safety. The maximum depth of the program is 8m – how deep they go will depend upon your comfort level in the water and the instructor (Have fun, but safely!).
  • The dive duration depends on your air consumption and your comfort level. This program lasts approximately 40 minutes. The total Scuba diving experience with basic training and know-how will take about 1.5 hours. Once you get the drill and become familiar with the initial level that requires no swimming abilities, you can go for other diving options in the Andaman Islands.
  • Your trip begins at the allotted time (Depending upon the booking slot you get) from the diving shop where you gear up with all necessary equipment like scuba jackets, oxygen masks and other things required for Scuba Diving. You are taught different signs and techniques about how you should be utilizing the equipment underwater. You will be taught all necessary safety procedures before the dive begins.


Note : If you have any health-related concerns, we suggest you consult a doctor before diving. Asthma patients, pregnant women, people with back problems, heart patients and the specially abled should avoid this activity.

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